Impact Mission Relief Eradicate Poverty By Empowering Communities To Self-Sufficiency.

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IMPACT MISSION RELIEF is non-profit organization registered in States of Texas, and recognize as 501(c)3 by IRS. Our mission is to impact disadvantages individuals, families, and communities by alleviating sufferings and promoting development, socio-economic growth and human dignity worldwide.
Impact Mission Relief founders are former human rights activists from Democratic Republic of Congo Central Africa and West Africa Liberia; they had experienced working with local and international non-profits organization prior their resettlement to United States. IMPACT MISSION  RELIEF  members  not only understand the  challenges and needs in rural communities in developing countries, but also the difficulties that face thousands of refugee families are resettled in the USA.

IMPACT MISSION RELIEF has its actions in local, national and international levels. It is primary engaging to development, humanitarian, human rights, democracy and good governance, education, food Security and shelter in emergency by bringing fresh solutions to longstanding problems.
Currently I.M Relief is made up of two major sections: USA and Overseas with its efforts focusing in developing countries such as D.R.Congo and Liberia. Both offices work together to up scale their works and lead ultimately important changes in mainstream on issues such as development thinking and practices, including new ideas about participation, empowerment, gender, governance and democracy and free the world from poverty. Both sections also work on mobilizing resources, co-managing projects, and promoting mission, vision, and values of the organization.

IMPACT MISSION RELIEF works to meet the unmet needs, promote development in vulnerable communities by implementing programs that impact and change people status-quo such as agriculture, farming, health/water/sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, and basic teaching of human rights and defend the rights of persons with disabilities.

 Since 2005, I.M. Relief founders got involved in working with refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and minorities in Texas, and it also assisted the displaced and victims of both hurricanes Katrina (2005) and Rita (2007) by providing transportation, employment, housing, and food suppliers.
In 2008, the actual I.M. Relief Executive was hired by YMCA International (Refugee Resettlement Agency) based in Houston-Texas as Job Developer, and later he did Case Management.

The following year in 2009, the Senior Projects Director of the I.M. Relief volunteered also at some refugees’ resettlement agencies.
In developing countries are affected by poverty, human rights violations, disaster, and conflicts (armed and ethnics), I.M. Relief implements programs  such as Agriculture, Education, Health and catering for internal displaced population, with a plan of emergency and mine action projects that provides long term solutions.
Following the success of those responses, I.M Relief broadened its program and continues to respond to promote sustainable development to accomplish its mission.
In May 2014, I.M Relief launched its first ever-international program in Monrovia-Liberia; native people hold the office. I.M Relief is fully registered in Liberia in both Ministry of Justice and Plan with its accreditation geared to Education which could lead to the people of Liberia in rural and national level to live up-to their dream by accomplishing I.M Relief vision of eradicate poverty by empowering communities to self-sufficiency. 
In July 2015, I.M Relief launched in Democratic Republic of Congo whereas it is fully registered and geared to sustainable development and solutions range from Agriculture, Education, Health, and Human Rights for internal-displaced.