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 Education in USA  for  Newly Arrived Refugee

Hundreds of  thousands of refugee families from over 40 different countries speaking more than 60 different languages have been resettled into the U.S. through joint efforts of the U.N. and the U.S. State Department in an attempt to resolve horrendous conditions involving religious an ethnic persecution, genocide, torture, war, starvation, sex trafficking, rape, and murder. Having spent years in refugee camps overseas, 10 to 20 thousand of these refugees are now here in Houston, Texas; however, they arrive speaking little English with scarcely more than the clothes on their back. Traumatized and unprepared to support themselves they endure the consequences of living in a gang blighted neighborhood.

                               O U R       S O L U T I O N S

Yearn: as one of our solutions is to identify individuals and communities that yearn for  education , which is one of our purpose of I.M Relief. Instead of wasting time with people who do not value our services , we work closely with communities that yearning for help.

Earn: When individuals and communities have went through the two preceding steps the results will be earning. Our solution is working when you yearn on education and learn the results will be earnings.

P   R  O  B   L   E   M  S

Impact Mission Relief Eradicate Poverty By Empowering Communities To Self-Sufficiency.

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Learn: individuals and communities that yearn for education  are ready to learn to acquire new skills. I.M Relief  has  advocate  for education of resettled refugees in Houston Texas. I.M Relief aspire to ensure that refugees children have a chance to qualitiy education , thereby  empowering them to achieve a bright future which will make them self-sufficiency.