Impact Mission Relief Eradicate Poverty By Empowering Communities To Self-Sufficiency.

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Our Story

Impact Mission Relief was created to respond to the growing concern for newly arrival refugees and immigrant who are in search of better life and American dream, it was also to offer comfort and solace to refugees and immigrants. Prior to its international mission Pastor Paul who have already been involved in outreached ministry serving refugees in Southwest of Houston Texas with his church Christ Is The Answer International; and Mr. Anthony Mulisya was also serving alongside with the church.

Being both refugees they understand the plight that refugees and immigrant endure before coming to the United states and the cultural shocks they have to go through to adjust to new societies.
Impact Mission Relief was therefore created in 2013  seeking to assist refugees' families in their Social and Economic intergration,

Impact Mission Relief has for aims to underline various causes of poverty, to fight and deal with poverty seeking means on how to eradicate by empowering local communities and individuals which will create a long lasting solutions for developing countries.


Impact Mission Relief will be and is working in partnership with other non-profit organization, local institutions and as well as governments and international organizations.

Impact Mission Relief is registered in Houston Texas and has been granted the status of 501c3 since December 2014.
 Under Impact Mission Relief we have increased our capacity and ability to reach more people from different background and faiths.
 In addition, Impact Mission Relief played a major role in the last two major hurricanes Katrina (News Orleans) and Ike; by assisting evacuees from affected areas.