Impact Mission Relief Eradicate Poverty By Empowering Communities To Self-Sufficiency.

 11315 Fondren Road  Suite 502, Houston TX 77035

US (+1) 281-501-3504 / Fax: (+1) 713-389-8643

Houston, TX USA

​​Impact Mission Relief’s programs in the USA are centered on the refugees, social and economic integration. The Impact Mission’s Goal is to assist and support refugees communities and their families in their long-term social and economic integration. Our goal is to promote social and economic self-sufficiency in the refugee communities around the City of Houston,  and allow new refugees families to became productive members within their communities.  Our Houston office offers the following program to the refugee’s communities in the Great City of Houston:

  • Our Program

  • Bright future after School Program
  • ESL (English as Second Language)
  • Adult Vocational Training


  • Job Orientation
  • Job Fairs and Placement
  • Job Training
  • Driving School

Health Outreached                                              

  • Family Awareness
  • Mental Disabilities
  • Elderly and Disabilities

Immigration & Advocacy: (coming soon)

  •  Path to Citizenship                               
  • Asylum Cases.