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Impact Mission Relief

Medical Volunteer 


Impact Mission Relief Medical Services

  1. IM Relief Medical volunteer giving talk to rural folks on personal hygiene, family planning, giving medication at rural health centers.
  2. IM Relief Medical / Health volunteer also help in the administrative work of rural community health centers.
  3. IM Relief Medical /health volunteer diagnosing, giving, medication and checking temperature,
  4. IM Relief Medical / health volunteer sensitizing rural folks on STD (Sexual Transmitted Diseases); gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, Ebola.
  5. IM Relief Medical / health volunteers organizing of health screening programs, blood donation.
  6. IM Relief Medical / health volunteer offer their services in disaster zones, outbreak of diseases etc.

           Offering as specialist medical volunteer for instance eye checking, psychosis, depression
           Group of medical/ health student’s / volunteer in D. R Congo & Liberia will participate in rural mobile clinic.

HIV/ AIDS / STDs / EBOLA volunteer

Volunteer work, program abroad, overseas on HIV / AIDS, STDs, EBOLA in D.R. Congo & Liberia Africa, and Internship volunteer work abroad.

Description of volunteer work,

Program abroad, overseas on HIV/AIDS, STDs, EBOLAs in D.R.Congo and Liberia, Africa

  • HIV/AIDS, STDs volunteer program in D.R.Congo & Liberia, Africa is a volunteer opportunity program designed to help eradicate the rampant and continuous spreading of HIV/AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases like, gonorrhea, syphilis etc.
  • Currently, the HIV prevalence rate in Liberia (1.3 %) and D.R Congo stands at around 1.27%. It is identified that ignorance of the infection remains the main cause of the spreading of HIV in Ghana. Also, those living with the HIV virus are discriminated against by the vast majority due to misconception on the disease. This volunteer program therefore seeks to promote public health education on the disease.
  • EBOLA volunteer program in both in D.R.Congo & Liberia, Africa is volunteer program designed to help the prevention and the spreading of EBOLA diseases, by administered vaccine and provide teaching on how to acknowledge the signs & symptoms, transmission and risk of exposure.

Activities of volunteer volunteering on the HIV/AIDS, STDs, EBOLA

Program in Liberia & D.R.Congo Africa
Educating the people about the HIV virus so as to eliminate the discrimination and stigmatization of people living with HIV, sensitizing on the preventives measures to adopt in order to remain HIV free, encouraging people to undertake the voluntary testing, teaching school children about Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Impact Mission Relief Eradicate Poverty By Empowering Communities To Self-Sufficiency.

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